The Water of Life project

A revolutionary system made of concrete turns rain into the highest quality drinking water. A new global perspective in sustainable development.

Milan Design Week, April 8-13 @ Temporary Museum for New Design
Superstudio Più Via Tortona 27

At Milan Design week IVANKA, the leading designer concrete brand presents The Water of Life: a revolutionary project developed to collect rain and turn it into the highest quality drinking water filtered through a special bio-concrete system. A real innovation opening to global perspective that markedly transcends the current practice of sustainable development.

IVANKA welcomes Milan Design Week visitors at the Temporary Museum for New Design to show its socially and environmentally responsible latest innovation.

With a decade long experience of manufacturing and installing designer concrete in the hospitality, leisure, retail and other commercial, public and residential sectors - IVANKA is proud to present The Water of Life project based on a special rainwater management system. The designer concrete company’s equipment is made of bio-concrete, the latest material innovation of IVANKA. The system collects rain and beside its material, it turns rainwater to the highest quality drinking water.

The set of IVANKA’s design week exhibition at Superstudio Più gardens is RAINHOUSE, a 1:1 scale demonstration model of the real system. At RAINHOUSE visitors can preview and taste the first harvested pure rainwater collection. Here IVANKA also tells about the future harvesting rainwater stations and their vision foreseeing the possible impact of this technology on worldwide water management both in economical, social and environmental fields.

The IVANKA BioBeton Cistern

About the process

The complex rainwater management system is based on IVANKA’s material innovation, bio-concrete which has a pH neutral orientation and bio-compatible influences on the water. Both the technical specification of this material and the process itself distinguishes this new system from the traditional ways of rainwater collection. The specific technology allows filtering raw rain only physically in a strictly natural way without chemicals so the equipment can produce the highest quality, sun-distilled drinking water.

The technology’s testing is taking place in the location of IVANKA’s owners at Balaton Uplands National Park where geographic parameters are the most suitable for the project in Central-Europe. Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater-surface of Europe so the air is especially pure and rainfalls are favorably frequent in that region.

Why rainwater?

As Katalin and Andras Ivanka comment, ‘Because of the global population growth more and more freshwater is needed on Earth. Freshwater is an indispensable material of life but unfortunately nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to get it. In the near future priority of human needs will be inverted and among others, freshwater will be appreciated. It will be more important than oil or precious metals. Rain is the initial, the most important and purest, renewable source of the freshwater cycle – a much better choice than any other source such as lakes, rivers or mineral waters from underground. The technology we are working on represents a high ethical value as it turns rain into the highest quality drinking water in a pure and natural way of processing. It will provide access to affordable clean water for small and big scale users, from families to big companies, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint in the process’.